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God’s goodness in your life

By Emily Furda @heldbygracedevotionals

Read Psalm 145:3-6

Even when you are struggling to see God’s goodness in your life, there will always be ways to find it. From looking back to where you’ve been, to where you are now, you can see His hand in so many things. You also have nature, and God’s Word, which are full of evidence pointing towards His goodness When you look back at all God has brought you through, you can see how God has been good through it all. Maybe there was a time in your life where you endured something super difficult, a season where trust was hard, or a time where you held many worries. When you look at those memories, don’t forget to see how God carried you through them, and back into the light. It’s those seasons that point directly to God’s goodness through it all. If you are looking to find His goodness in where you stand right now, take a moment to look around, and see how He is providing. It might be how you wake up to having food for each day, or how He is making a way for you even when life is trying to knock you down. Maybe you see His goodness in the prayers He has been answering. Even when you struggle to see God’s touch in your own life, look outside and see His creation. He provides even for the birds, the trees, and plants. His goodness can be found everywhere we look, including the stories we read in His Word. You can see the goodness of God in so many things. No matter where you are today, there’s a way to see His hand moving here. Whether it’s in your past, present, the world around you, or in His word, God’s goodness is evident and real.

Daily Challenge Where is it the easiest for you to see God’s goodness? Why or how does it show you God’s goodness? Journal your thoughts. It could be kind words from a friend, nature, music, Scripture, or anything. Why does it show you God’s goodness, and how can you make it a point to look for God’s goodness even more in that area? Journal your thoughts.

Written by Danielle Nicole @heldbygracedevotionals

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