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He Promises to Give You Strength

Devotional Written by Danielle Nicole

Do you ever have days when your weaknesses bring you down? Maybe it’s from your mistakes or from your failures. Without strength, these feelings can overwhelm your hearts and mind till the point where you break down. This is what we have grace for, God promises in our weakness, He is strong. So, when we reach the end of our rope, His promise of strength will bring us through. We are human, and we can’t rely on our own strength to carry us. When we reach the point where we can’t keep fighting on our own, we need God’s strength. Though we could keep trying to do things our way, we aren’t perfect and will eventually fall. His strength will never fall apart, for it is a promise to us.

When in these times of struggling, we need to surrender ourselves to Him and give up the controls. When we allow ourselves to let go, we get to experience His renewing strength. It doesn’t matter how weak we have become; His strength will hold us up. God’s promise of strength isn’t reserved for certain people but is for everyone who gives their lives to Him. It doesn’t matter how many times we have failed, or how deep we have sunk, through His grace, His strength can pull us out and make us stronger.

So, instead of leaning on our own abilities, we can lean on Him and His promise to us. We don’t need to continue feeling overwhelmed about getting through life on our own strength. We can give ourselves to Him, rise above our weaknesses, and allow His strength to get us through.

Daily Challenge Are you ever embarrassed by your weaknesses? How does today’s devotional and Scripture change how you perceive your weaknesses?

Journal your thoughts.

Written by Danielle Nicole

Reposted with permission from @heldbygracedevotionals

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