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Do you ever feel as if God is asking you to give more than you have?

By Emily Furda @heldbygracedevotionals

Read 1 Kings 17:7-16

Do you ever feel as if God is asking you to give more than you have? Sometimes, it feels easier, and more sensible, to resign yourself to the fate that awaits you if you just quit. In today’s Scripture, we see a woman who thought she was at her end. Then, God asked more from her. There had been a drought in the land, and her plan was to make one final meal for herself and her son using the last of her oil and flour. Then, they would die. Knowing what little she had, God sent Elijah to her. Elijah asked her for bread. She told him her plan and how she didn’t have any extra oil and flour to make him bread, but he said to make him bread anyhow. He told her to not be afraid, and she wouldn’t run out of oil and flour. Can you imagine what went through her mind? Did she believe him? Maybe she was too numb to think. Did she think that without the last meal their deaths would come sooner and maybe it was going to be easier that way? Was she muttering to herself the entire way home about how crazy this was? Was she remembering what Elijah said and hoping God would do a miracle? What would you be thinking if you were in her place? What if she had said no? She would’ve missed out on a lifesaving miracle. Can you imagine the wonder and amazement she felt as she made the bread, and there was still flour and oil left? Was she smelling the fresh bread baking, trying not to burn it, as she stared in amazement at her jars? When God asks you to give something and you feel like you have nothing to give, He will never leave you empty handed. He knows your needs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When you’re afraid to do what God asks of you, remember His goodness. Remember the miracle He did for this widow who had already resigned herself to quit. Even when you’ve resigned yourself to quit, because God is good, He will never fail you. It might be easier to say “no” when God asks you to do something and you feel like you have nothing left to give, but what could happen if you trust His goodness and say “yes”?

Daily Challenge Listen to “You Will Make a Way” by Mallary Hope.

Written by Emily Furda @heldbygracedevotionals

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1 Comment

very insightful, and encouraging.

Thank you.

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